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Strategic Planning & Goal Setting Training

Learn how to professionally plan and meet your business goals!


Does it always feel like you are in “year-one of a three-year plan?” If so, how committed is everyone to this plan, and how successful will you be in delivering this plan?  The intent of true Strategic Planning is to be rigid enough to set the proper long-term strategic goals while also being nimble enough to perform necessary adjustments with foresight, accuracy and responsiveness. Our Strategic Planning session outlines the processes of defining your long term goals and how to clearly delineate these goals within the various levels of your organization. This assures that your daily tactical activities have the best chance of delivering your strategic intent.   If you understand the value of having every one of your employees be able to easily communicate the purpose of their daily activities and how they align to the company’s larger strategic goals, then this is the session for you.

  • A communication matrix that will be linked to your deliverables to enable the most effective one-vision focus

    We will teach you a visual management system that clearly identifies who owns a project deliverable and what resources are in support of the owner. Additionally, we will teach you the key resources that can, and should, be included in the deliverables.


  • A rigorous but manageable dashboard that provides the early-warning indicators to minimize risks

    We will be showing the “Steps-to-Milestones” methodology of stating the status milestones and deliverables. Never again be the victim of a team member copping out of a commitment that is now a visual part of your project.





  • An illustration of what has been recognized as the best Strategic Planning tool available to business today

    Superseding the Balanced Scorecard, Strategic Planning has been redefined and re-tooled in a roadmap form that aligns your tactical activities to your corporate strategic intent. Get ahead of the game, and start using the tool that works!


  • A hands-on example of prioritization methodologies to gain consensus on the best path forward

    As our experts have facilitated fortune 500 companies in the design of their strategic plans, we will illustrate the content of these templates and work with you to build your strategic roadmap, ranging from multi-year goals to monthly measures.


  • A deployment methodology that illustrates how to set implementation milestones and deliverables

    You will learn a hands-on simulation that enables you to design critical milestones for your project. This deployment methodology will also help you to  gain the deliverables you need to be able to reach these milestones.

Complete our course in 1 day!


We dedicate a full day to our participants. We will thoroughly go through topics, answering questions and practicing our newly acquired skills with exercises. We start our course in the morning, take a lunch break, and then finish by the afternoon. A boxed lunch is provided for our participants.



You'll Leave this Session With:


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businessman, he looks for practical ways to improve both performance and profits. 


Nate is a man of faith and family and a serial entrepreneur. His core values are to put others first, to live genuinely, to strive for perfection, to be entrepreneurial and to seek and apply wisdom. Living out these values is his daily challenge. Nate is also very involved in his church and community, often finding himself in teaching and mentorship roles wherever he becomes engaged.


Why Use Great Family?


Great Family was founded by business people for business people. By coming together we have combined our experience and knowledge to build and give best practice classes and seminars for the everyday business person. We focus on subjects important to our clients and format our classes to work with any schedule. Simply put, training people how to do things well is what we do.


If we don’t provide a class in the subject you are looking for, let us know! We want to know what you need to be Great in Business and Life!

Coaching and Consulting


Would you rather have someone come to your office or facility and coach you through content tailored specifically to your business? Or perhaps you don’t have the time or energy to do this well yourself. Either way, we’re here for you. Call us today for a quote and more information!


Nate is a Lean Sigma Black Belt and life-long learner, Nate enjoys leaping up new learning curves and finding creative solutions to challenging problems; an unabashed engineer and 



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