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Franchise Programs

Unhappy with the financial performance of your franchise? Does your franchisor train you in business skills – reading and reacting to financials, leadership and managerial skills, sales savvy – or do they just focus on the process side, leaving it to you to figure it out yourself? 

Great Family is here to help you. With our exclusive consulting and training services you will learn how to work on your business, not just in your business. Working nationwide, we can assist you in the following:

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Financial Analysis and Industry Comparisons

How are you doing compared to your competitors? How are you doing compared to your fellow franchisees? With Great Family, we will review your financials, identify problems, and teach you strategies on how to react to projected financial events.

Marketing Analysis and Plan

Many Franchisors ask you to pay a marketing fee and “they’ll take care of marketing.” However, there are a large number of marketing steps you can take beyond what corporate is doing – Great Family can identify these opportunities for you, showing you how to best capitalize on marketing opportunities you may be missing.

Phone/Video Consulting

Have a simple question that can be answered with a phone call? Have a tough decision and want to talk to an expert about the potential ramifications? Great Family can assist you with these issues with a simple call to one of our top consultants.

On-Site Consulting

Some problems can only be identified and solved on location. Our team is ready to travel anywhere in the Continental United States to review your entire operation, identifying issues and providing solutions that will help your franchise become a money-producing machine. While our most “expensive” option, our On-Site Consulting program is our best value, offering you a top-to-bottom financial, marketing and business evaluation.

Long-Term Strategic Planning

You bought your franchise for a reason: to provide you with a stream of income, to provide you with a business you could scale into multiple locations, maybe more. With our sophisticated “X-Matrix" process, Great Family can provide you with a tool to turn long-term plans into daily actions.


Congratulations, your franchise is up and running and is quite a money-maker! Expansion plans are on your mind, but what is the best way to go: start a new franchise or purchase an existing one? How will you scale your current operation to handle the running of multiple business units? Great Family can answer these questions and more, allowing you to expand comfortably, without worry.

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