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Project Management Training

Learn to manage projects and become more efficient and effective!


Business Projects have become a "love-hate" fact of life for those of us who have had the pleasure, or pain, to be part of one. What makes the greatest business projects so successful, and what makes others so unbelievably painful? We know it's more than just the Project Leaders, more than a really great team, but what else is there? Our course centers on several key aspects to the successful delivery of a business project. Some of these key aspects are value, calidation, feasibility, planning, deployment, sustainability and exiting. The structure of a project and the expectations of the key phases (stage gates) of a project will be taught in this course.

  • Awareness and examples of key project management protocols.

    Death by meeting - we’ve all been there. A poorly facilitated meeting leads to poorly facilitated projects, criticism for those who are involved and praise for those who are not. Learn how to stop this nightmare!


  • Ability to facilitate a successful project planning methodology.

    You will learn how to build consensus of milestones, deliverables and com-munication plans with your entire team. Milestone #1 should be “when the team is launched.” Launch with consensus for every project!


  • Energized excitement about facilitating your next project.  Plan to bring your project outline, and we will review your plan as a class ses-sion. We will put these new tools and concepts to the test. You will leave the session with your project plans already in motion!

  • Examples of effective best-practice tools and templates.

    You will be armed with the best and most valuable planning, monitoring and managing templates with real-world examples of how they are to be used. Go home with a variety of new tools that will increase your efficiency


  • Communication matrix assuring communication and responsibility.

    With this sample matrix every team member will know exactly what is ex-pected of them and who they can rely on to support their deliverables. Meeting expectations starts with suc-cessfully communicating expectations!


  • Risk management methodology that is easy to use and facilitate.

    Achieve an understanding of how to evaluate and rank risks according to criticality and impact. We will also teach you how to remove subjectivity and define classification protocols of Awareness, Mitigation and Reduction.

Complete our course in 1 day!


We dedicate a full day to our participants. We will thoroughly go through topics, answering questions and practicing our newly acquired skills with exercises. We start our course in the morning, take a lunch break, and then finish by the afternoon. A boxed lunch is provided for our participants.



You'll Leave this Session With:
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businessman, he looks for practical ways to improve both performance and profits. 


Nate is a man of faith and family and a serial entrepreneur. His core values are to put others first, to live genuinely, to strive for perfection, to be entrepreneurial and to seek and apply wisdom. Living out these values is his daily challenge. Nate is also very involved in his church and community, often finding himself in teaching and mentorship roles wherever he becomes engaged.


Why Use Great Family?


Great Family was founded by business people for business people. By coming together we have combined our experience and knowledge to build and give best practice classes and seminars for the everyday business person. We focus on subjects important to our clients and format our classes to work with any schedule. Simply put, training people how to do things well is what we do.


If we don’t provide a class in the subject you are looking for, let us know! We want to know what you need to be Great in Business and Life!

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Would you rather have someone come to your office or facility and coach you through content tailored specifically to your business? Or perhaps you don’t have the time or energy to do this well yourself. Either way, we’re here for you. Call us today for a quote and more information!


Nate is a Lean Sigma Black Belt and life-long learner, Nate enjoys leaping up new learning curves and finding creative solutions to challenging problems; an unabashed engineer and 

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