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Microsoft Excel Courses and Corporate Training

Excel Training For You!


The word excel means to be exceptionally good at or proficient in an activity or subject. What about you? Do you excel at Microsoft Excel? Many people only know how to use a fraction of what this extremely useful program can do. But guess what? That’s ok! You don’t need to know everything about Microsoft Excel for your business to excel. But is your knowledge in the right areas? Do you know how to use the features that really matter? Your efforts should be efficient and effective, in turn making your company more profitable. That’s where we come in. Even if you don’t know how to use excel at all, we can show you what you need to know. By doing this we can make our classes shorter and more flexible. You can absorb more information from our classes than from over-informative courses that last days, keeping you from work. Instead of working harder, work smarter. Sign up for a course today!


Choose Your Course


No one wants to sit through information they already know or attend a class that exceeds their needs. Whether you are new to Excel or an advanced user, we’ve got you covered. 


Expert Skills


Learn to perform data analytics and create complex business tools in Excel Pay Roll 

  • Excel tables vs. Excel data ranges

  • Use Pivot Tables to summarize data

  • Perform what-if analyses

  • Produce templates for data entry

  • Restrict which cells users can change

  • Automatic data validation techniques

  • Create nested subtotals

  • Advanced Date and Lookup functions

  • Formula auditing tools

  • The basics of macros and VBA

  • Connect external applications & data

  • Sharing and embedding workbooks


Professional Skills


Learn to create sophisticated worksheets using all of Excel’s most useful features

  • We start with the very basics of Excel

  • Use built-in and custom formulas

  • Absolute and relative cell references

  • Quickly create professional charts

  • Easily format and print useful data

  • Merge cells, wrap text & align content

  • Keep your work clean and organized

  • Use multiple sheets & workbooks

  • Hide or freeze columns and rows

  • Split the window into multiple panes

  • Use simple conditional formatting

  • Create quick and easy sparklines

Select A Pace That Fits You! 


Both of our courses, “Professional” and “Expert”, can be taken at one of two different paces, “Normal” and “Accelerated”. We make our classes as flexible as possible to fit your schedule


Meet The Instructor


Normal Pace- Full Day


In our normal paced class we dedicate a full day to our participants. We will thoroughly go through topics, answering questions and practicing your newly attained skills with exercises. We start our course in the morning, take a lunch break, and then finish by the afternoon. A boxed lunch is provided for our participants. 

Accelerated Pace- ½ Day


For the busy professional, we recommend our Accelerated class. In this class you are presented with the same content as our Normal classes, but compressed into 4 hours. Because of the faster pace of our Accelerated classes, please note that no time will be spent going over exercises in this course. 



Join Great Family and get discounts on ALL of our services and seminars at ANY location!


Professional Skills – Normal Pace

Member Price                          $  149

Non-Member Price                    $  299



Expert Skills – Normal Pace

Member Price                          $  149

Non-Member Price                    $  299


Professional Skills – Accelerated Pace

Member Price                           $    99

Non-Member Price                     $   199



Expert Skills – Accelerated Pace

Member Price                            $    99

Non-Member Price                      $   199


last 6 years. Nate is a man of faith and family and a serial entrepreneur. An unabashed engineer and businessman, he is always on the lookout for practical ways to improve people, performance and profits. His core values are to put others first, to live genuinely, to strive for perfection, to be entrepreneurial and to seek and apply wisdom. Living out these values is his daily challenge. Nate is also very involved in his church and community, often finding himself in teaching and mentorship roles wherever he becomes engaged.


Why Use Great Family?


Great Family was founded by business people for business people. By coming together we have combined our experience and knowledge to build and give best practice classes and seminars for the everyday business person. We focus on subjects important to our clients and format our classes to work with any schedule. Simply put, training people how to do things well is what we do.


If we don’t provide a class in the subject you are looking for, let us know! We want to know what you need to be Great in Business and Life!

Corporate Training and Consulting 


From data handling to business analysis and forecasting, the use of Excel has grown across a variety of industries. We offer on-site corporate training to businesses of all sizes with significant group discounts. Let us make your team Excel efficient, in turn cutting your costs on hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars normally wasted. Our corporate classes can be tailored to your own in-house content. Are your current spreadsheets not meeting your needs? Great Family can customize your spreadsheets to your business needs and train your staff on how to use them!

Nate, our Excel Guru, has been a power user of Microsoft Excel for 15 years and has been teaching it at the UTSA Business School’s Executive MBA program for the 

"Recently I attended Excel training course offered by Great Family. Nate was a great instructor. His teaching style was clear, efficient and easy to understand. The staff at Great Family was very friendly too. I learned lots of new things in excel which I can use in my day to day work. I would highly recommend this course to any small business who wants to run their business more efficiently."

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Corporate Training 

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