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Great Family brings professional businesses service and solutions at affordable prices. You don’t have to be a member of Great Family to receive our professional services at competitive prices, but for $30 a month, you can join our Great Family of Businesses and receive even greater discounts.


How it Works


Being a Great Family member gives you the opportunity to save money and grow your business. Similar to the COSTCO model, buying in bulk lowers your cost per item. However unlike COSTCO where your membership allows you to pay less on high volumes of toilet paper and tiny umbrellas for tropical drinks, a Great Family membership grants you access to discounted professional business services and solutions.  Your commitment as a member allows Great Family to grow as a family of businesses. This allows us to confidently buy in bulk from other providers and give you low cost solutions. With this you will also receive support from our growing community of businesses and experienced entrepreneurs. Without our members we are nothing, and we are committed to help you be great in business and life.


Example of savings:

Member Cost


Full Virtual Office Services

Member Price:


Microsoft Excel Training

Member Price:


Membership fee: 


Total cost: 





Why do it?


We like to give our clients the best solutions to their problems, and we’re not afraid to say that being a member of Great Family isn’t for everyone. But when it comes to maintaining a business, it can take multiple services to function properly, and the ability to save all around goes a long way.  We recommend you become a member if:


  • Obviously! You want to receive substantial discounts on multiple business solutions and services. (e.g. you will be needing office space, phone services, a website, and Microsoft Excel training for you and your staff, etc.)


  • You want an easier way to monitor and pay for the many services you require to run your business. We bundle all the services you need into one easy monthly payment.


  • You want to grow and maintain your business knowledge and attend our seminars regularly


  • You see the value in joining a supportive network and successful family of businesses 



For more information or to become a member, emial us or call 210-390-0309

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What does it mean to be a Great Family member?
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$245 per month





$30 per month



Non-member Cost


Full Virtual Office Services 

Non-Member Price: 


Great Family Microsoft Excel Training Non-Member Price: 




$350 per month






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